Atsushi Nakahigashi is the founder of the innovative food and beverage company NAKAHIGASHI in Kyoto, Japan, and OneRiceOneSoup, INC. in NYC and Kyoto, Japan. An accomplished chef, Atsushi was born into a storied restaurant family in Kyoto. He began cooking professionally at the age of 12 at his father’s renowned Michelin-starred restaurant Soujiki Nakahigashi. After high school, Atsushi moved to the United States to compete as a professional bass fisherman. But at age 23, he felt the pull of his roots and decided to return to cooking. He arrived in New York, where he helped launch the Michelin-starred Kajitsu, the only restaurant in the city that serves traditional Buddhist Shojin vegetarian cooking. Atsushi spent six years at Kajitsu, rising to the position of sous chef and general manager.

While at Kajitsu, Atsushi discovered the joy of explaining the meaning of Japanese cooking to customers seated at the dining counter. This experience inspired him to found NAKAHIGASHI, and OneRiceOneSoup INC. to disseminate Japanese culinary knowledge outside Japan. Atsushi now helps create Japanese restaurants and promote traditionally produced Japanese ingredients around the world as well as developing Japan’s local food cultures to spreading it to the world.







29歳の時、カリナリーディレクター(Culinary Director)として

One Rice One Soup Inc.(アメリカ法人)を設立。

その後、One Rice One Soup株式会社(日本法人)を設立。





*京都鰹節様と「Quick Pro Yasai Dashi No.11」を共同開発(日本・米



*「Zatoichi Dinner」を企画運営、米国主要フードメディア数社に取材を受ける(ニューヨーク)





*外務省が運営するJapan Houseにてゲストスピーカーとしてワークショップを開催(ロサンゼルス)


Store Name  is a meaning of [the greatest] [in a pole] by a Kabuki term.

I offer "the really delicious food served in a pot" which was particular about ingredients and stock by the supervision of world-famous Atsushi Nakahigashi.
​I explore new sukiyaki of Kyoto in chickens of [yam hot pot] Kyoto with full of the nourishment using the King of the yam native to Japan

I eat it with the taste of ingredients with a mixed seasoning of the sugar nonuse [sukiyaki]

Up to Kyoto Akachi chicken and Kyoyasai, seasoning examined closely

[the finest pan] to make with the materials which a craftsman performed having a practised eye of in main

Please enjoy new Japanese food to be able to make only with us who made full use of the experience and skill in business for 100 years.